Hello Digital World!

As with the times, technology market trends and the social and political protocols are changing faster, quicker, and smarter.  I created this space to share and provide professional, personal, & some collective insight in some of the newly identified areas.

The masses of Social Media (users like you & I) are the key drivers for newer and cooler technology.  Technology drives the requirement for enhanced infrastructure which is faster, leaner, and overall more efficient than we have ever had before. Along the way, Marketing/Market Analysis will find a way to monetize these technologies and the whole cycle begins again.

I welcome you follow this page and share any trending technology market topics within this framework and I will be happy to incorporate.  Thank for for your interest.


Homemade Apple Regular



Steve Yapsuga

Wireless broadband installation engineers from multiple companies
w/ Steve Yapsuga demonstrating high cap PtP microwave backhaul gigabit technology.